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Grand i10 Cargo

From R215 500

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Grand i10 Cargo interior showing steering wheel and gear lever
Get Connected - Enjoy the latest technology, crucial safety features and luxurious comforts The New Grand i10 Cargo has an exciting new interior with higher quality materials more features then ever before
New Grand i10 Cargo showing load bay and cargo net
New Hyundai Grand i10 Cargo - More space, same trusted grand i10 New Grand i10 Cargo has 1.2 cubic Meters of parcell space
Grand i 10 cargo storage bay
Your Drivers stay in touch - With integrated Bluetooth calling Air conditioning, Bluetooth, central locking and much more keep your driver cool and calm

Grand i10 Cargo

Why The Grand i10 Cargo

This zippy, dynamic and compact vehicle builds onto Hyundai’s legacy of reliability and economy. With ample loading capacity and its extensive features, the Hyundai Grand i10 Cargo offers the best of both worlds.

Value Added

With advanced technology like intuitive steering wheel, audio and Bluetooth controls, an infotainment system* and handy USB ports, this cargo vehicle strikes the perfect balance between work and play.


The Hyundai Grand i10 Cargo offers up to 1.2 cubic metres of cargo room. Pair this with a luggage net, hooks and a cargo barrier between the cargo area and the two front seats; your cargo will stay put even in tough conditions.Offering an exceptional use of space and excellent safety features, the Hyundai Grand i10 Cargo is designed for small business owners and fleet managers looking to compete in South Africa’s ever-growing corporate landscape.

The perfect urban delivery vehicle

The Grand i10 cargo offers 1.2 meters of cargo space while retaining the Grand i10's zippy, fun and easy going personality, making it a comfortable, safe and reliable vehicle that your drivers will trust, great ergonomics, and frugal engine choices make this the ideal vehicle to deliver or collect any item that will in its spacious parcel area.

Grand i10 Cargo 1.0 Motion Manual

Pricing from R215 500

  • Central Locking
  • Integrated Bluetooth
  • Side Mirrors: Adjustment
  • Radio / CD / MP3 / USB / AUX
  • ​94 Nm Torque
  • 48 kW Power